Aim9 Front Fender 180sx / 240sx 70mm


Front Fender 180sx / 240sx 70mm


Aim9 Front Fender 180sx / 240sx 70mm

180sx / 240sx AIM9 67mm Front fender 180sx

for S13  HatchBack models

+70 mm fender flares

Front Fender : Aim 9 S chassis Front fender 180sx


Front Left and Front Right Fender

The one of a kind Aim 9 180sx front fenders and 240sx front fenders are JDM spec and USDM street legal . Fitment matches USDM Front Fender bolt up. Adding Wide front fenders helps increase your cars steering angle clearance on both Stanced and Road Race as well as Drift Application. Front Fender 180sx.

an automotive pop culture scene defined by extremely low ride heights and negative cambered wheels … it’s more about how you sit now. Taking cues from decades old Euro tuning trends and Japanese “Shakotan” style.


This style is known and originated for the needed wide front traction
with modern wheel sizes and tires sizes
and higher horsepower for today’s racing

bring you the very best style of its kind

Aim9 Aero In motion!


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