Aim9 GT Honda civic EG/ EJ Fender flares!


Super Wide!



Our Matching AIMGT Eg Civic Wing Kit


Ok Everybody so we kinda went a little overboard with this but can you blame us! they are massive! These flares really help you get into that wide body setup that these cars need to keep up with hire end cars. These flares are designed to give the edge and let you go as wide a tire profile as you want. These flares are designed for those who want to get a little extra customization out their flares.

More pictures to come as our demo car was used for recreational purposes and well the rest will be going on the blog, plus a youtube video!

  • You can keep the width they are. These flares are 100mm wide!
  • Or! You can trim the flares if you want a more narrow setup
  • Please be aware that professional installation is highly recommended as the size of these are not for your ordinary DIYer

– Kit includes four fender flares.

  • 2x Front flares
  • 2x Rear flares