Aim9 GT V.1 Chassis mount GT Stands


Rear chassis mount wing kit spoiler


Aim9 V.1  Chassis Mount GT Stands

Aim9 GT Stands have been in use in the REAL WORLD Racing applications for OVER half a decade! Used in WTAC Time Attack- Redline – SCCA – Japan Cup Class – Formula D Japan and USA FD Pro 1  as well as the Daily Driver Racers and Show Cars.


Our AIM9 GT EXCLUSIVE Design after YEARS of Designing- Fitting – Testing  WE have the ONE!

( Not a Generic Wing Boards like our competitors ) 


High Grade tensile Strength steel DOuble powder coated Black.

Back mount Wing Stands

• Powder Coated Semi-Gloss Steel Units  

Brand new

1 qty = 1 pair 2 stands nuts, washer and bolts.

Built in bracket to mount to Flat style back cars

• OR on the factory Bumper support! with

• side slots and the top ‘Quick wing” adjustment! 

• 30″ tall in length

*Professional installation is required. Each vehicle is different and professional install is required for best results.



Size Chart