Aim9 GT Wing Circuit Hatch Back Kit


Product Description

Aim9 GT Wing Kit – Carbon Series


Aim9 GT Wing Circuit Hatch Back Kit


Product Description

Aim9 GT Wing Kit – Carbon Series

” Solid Mount ” What Does This Mean ? Simple & Easy .

Our Kit :

  • 1 – Exclusive Carbon Fiber Series ” Carbon Series ”  Wing Board 1435mm Long ( Traditional XL AIM9GT wing board can be upgraded approx 1804mm long  for additional cost .
  • 2 – Wing Stands Powder Coated Semi-black 
  • 2 – Side Plates powder Coated Semi-Black  (5 designs available )
  • Mounting Hardware included 


We Have the ONLY Designs on the market that is a True 1 piece Wing Stand Unit ALL IN ONE ( Generally more parts means more possible failure  bracket and bolt failures )

Although the Design arguable is one of the most aggressive designs for the Smart Car and is appreciated by Street and car show car enthusiast. It is designed for Pure Circuit track use.

We have the ONLY Design that allows the fastest wing height adjustment ! With in minutes from the pit to the track after adjustments .

Whats the BIG Deal?

General wing stand designs from all brands just about seem to share the same problems .

They have multiple parts needed to be mounted typical 3 to 4 parts plus 10-15 bolts ( For example a Voltex Wing unit requires a mount to the trunk THEN wing stand that bolt lower part together THEN another bracket that bolts to the upper part of the wing stand THEN finally your wing board )



Please do not refrain from using the Horizontal stabilizer bar( provided in the kit w/all thread ) as it has been track proven to minimize the wing wobbles during Driving ! We are not responsible for improper installation and or failure. We do offer Body Support bars with Heim Joints  for more aggressive Speeds (Higher Average speeds 185 kph + ). Please feel free to ask about the Heim Joint Support bar options options (Vertical Support ).