Aim9 Back Mount Chassis GT Stands




Aim9 Back Mount Chassis GT Stands

Aim9 GT Stands have been in use in the REAL WORLD Racing applications for OVER half a decade! Used in WTAC Time Attack- Redline – SCCA – Japan Cup Class – Formula D Japan and USA FD Pro 1  as well as the Daily Driver Racers and Show Cars.


Our AIM9 GT EXCLUSIVE Design after YEARS of Designing- Fitting – Testing  WE have the ONE!

( Not a Generic Wing Boards like our competitors ) 


Most Aggressive On the Market with GREAT AIR SURFACE Area!

Wing length Side to Side : 71″ / 180CM

Wing Center Width : 12″ /30CM

Wing Sides Length : 8″ /3.1CM

Light Weight STRONG and UNDER 10 POUNDS/4.5 Kilos ! Made From High Grade Fiberglass with infused M.A.T process !

The AIM9GT Wing  inner Mounting Points start at 38″ wide and extends to a MAX 50″

( This is where the Aim9GT Stands can mount onto Our AIM9 Wing )

NEED closer mounting distances ? EASY We can provide Rivet Nuts with the install tool ! Free of charge!

( WATCH Our YOUTUBE  Video on the install )

Back mounted Chassis Stands

Universal for your car specifics


Back mount Wing Stands

• Powder Coated Semi-Gloss Steel Units  INCLUDE Twin Support Bars 40″ length/nuts and washers!

Brand new

1 qty = 1 pair 2 stands nuts, washer and bolts.

• Built in bracket to mount to Flat style back cars

• OR on the factory Bumper support! with

• side slots and the top ‘Quick wing” adjustment! 

• 30″ tall in length

*Professional installation is required. Each vehicle is different and professional install is required for best results