Aim9 GT Wing Circuit R FK8 Honda Civic Type R 2017-2019


Parte # AIM9-GTFK8

Nuestro Kit:

  • 1 – PESO LIGERO exclusivo n Tablero de ala GT resistente de 1800 mm o aproximadamente 71 ″ de largo con solapa de camilla estilo F1 moldeada. Imprimación de fibra de vidrio negra
  • 2 – Soportes de ala (sin costo adicional, seleccione un estilo del Tipo 1-5) Recubierto en polvo negro 
  • 2 – Placas laterales con recubrimiento de polvo negro en metal 
  • 1-Barra de soporte con todas las roscas y herrajes incluidos  Pintura en polvo negra 

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Aim9 GT Wing Circuit R FK8 Honda Civic Type R 2017-2022

Product description

Aim9 GT Wing FK8 Honda Civic Type R

"Solid mount" What does this mean? Simply easy.

Our Kit:

1 - Exclusive 1800mm or approximately 72 ″ long GT wing board
2 - Semi-black FRP wing brackets
2 - Semi-Black FRP Side Plates 

Mounting accessories

Soft pads (protect the boot from scratches)

We have the ONLY designs on the market that are a true 1-piece ALL-IN-ONE unit (generally more pieces means more potential failures)

Although the arguable design is one of the most aggressive designs for the new generation civic and is appreciated by road and show car enthusiasts. It is designed for use on Pure Circuit tracks.

We have the ONLY design that allows the fastest wing height adjustment! With in minutes from pit to court after adjustments.

What is the problem?

The overall wing mount designs of all brands seem to share the same issues.

They have various parts needed to be mounted typically 3-4 parts plus 10-15 bolts (for example a Voltex Wing unit requires a trunk mount THEN a wing bracket that screws the bottom together THEN another bracket that screws to the top of the wing mount THEN finally your wing board)

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Side Plate

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