Aim9 Back Mount GT Chassis Stands Nissan 240sx




Aim9 Back Mount GT Stands 240sx

Aim9 Back Mount GT Stands Chassis Spoiler Brackets

Steel Chassis Brackets Powder Coated Black for a Professional Finish

Brand new

1 qty – 

  • 1x Left Stand
  • 1x Right Stand 
  • 6x Bolts / washer / nut 
  • Left + Right Side plates
  • 72″ wing board Length
  • All Hardware included

Built in bracket to mount to Flat style back cars

• OR on the factory Bumper support! with

• side slots and the top ‘Quick wing” adjustment! 

*Professional installation is required. Each vehicle is different and professional install is required for best results.

Additional information

Stand Setup

Stands with Rods, Stands w/o Rods, Full Stand and Board setup, Side Plate for wing Board