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The Revolver-R racing seat features composite fiberglass technology. Less side to side wobble -More firm position .


The R Pro racing seat comes in two different sizes, R Pro and S Pro. This combines comfort, performance, and safety at an absolutely unbeatable price. Revolver-R Racing Seats Designed with an emphasis on comfort and stability in the car, this seat is one of the more comfortable race seats you will ever sit in. R Pro is  side mounted. The Revolver R comes with three removable insert cushions, one in the back, one in the base, and one under the thighs which also makes it capable of a 5-point harness. As a rule of thumb, the R Pro racing seat will fit up to a 38 inch waist(L size ). R- Pro will Fit 32″ inch (M size ) and down.ergonomically correct Racing seats , Solid engineering has made Revolver Racing Seats a name held in high esteem in Japan Raced and used by KRC Osaka ,Mercury Japan, and MarTokyo of tokyo Japan to name a few .

Seats are sold complete with mounting bracket set and a machine washable seat cover.

Available now and  sold as Single Seat or Pair.



Side Mount bracket L style-

Seat with removable(washable) cushions

Left+ Right Sliding rail




(Car specific Mounting bracket not included)

Nagisa Auto,Buddy Club, Sparco, Bride are tested to be known to fit with Bottom mount units only.


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Single or Pair

Single Seat, Pair Seats