Kia Stinger Gt AIM9GT Vents/Wing INSTALL .

AIM9GT 1.11-1 Kia Stinger Gt AIM9GT Vents/Wing INSTALL . Kia STINGER Uncategorized  kia stinger AIM9GT products

The Kia stinger has definitely great body lines but lacks a few finishing touches . Because of this we decode to develop forge carbon products such as the rear spoiler and front side vents .

Factory the car runs plastic parts so Forge carbon is a premium upgrade to the much needed Kia stinger. The rear wing is offered in fiberglass ( as shown with in paint) and premium Forge carbon fiber .All parts in high quality Forge are clear gel coated .

All AIM9GT products should have an autobody professionally install and finish these parts by sanding/trimming before clear coating for a Ultra High Show Shine.

Installation is done with 3M panel bond ( ) .Clear coating with automotive paint is suggested. For any question email us to best assist you. SCROLL DOWN for reference pics.

Here are a few reference pictures on the step by step to installation of AIM9GT Vents Hood/Fenders/Bumpers AIM9GT products for reference and is a standard way to show shop installers .

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